Aqua-Chem IFD

Service Provided 
  • Design
  • IFD Development
The Client

Aqua-Chem is the leader in providing Global Water Solutions.  Aqua-Chem develops innovative and comprehensive water solutions for the Military, Pharmaceutical, Offshore Oil and Gas, Bottled Water, Commercial Marine, and Micro-utilities markets.

The Challenge

As an industry leader in global water solutions, Aqua-Chem needed an innovative and attractive sales tool that would give their sales force an edge while they are in the field, even in the most remote locations.

The Solution

Working with our affiliate, Gigmark, DMG|Bluegill crafted an Interactive Flash Drive™ (IFD) solution to bring Aqua-Chem’s product catalog into the digital age and create a sales tool that would make a difference.  The IFD application, available for Mac and PC, is delivered on a custom Aqua-Chem branded Interactive Flash Drive™.  The Aqua-Chem IFD application gives potential customers and the Aqua-Chem sales force the ability to browse their solutions categorized by market, connect with support reps, watch propduct videos, and learn more about the company, all without the internet required.  The IFD is designed to capture user registration information and usage metrics which are displayed on a web enabled executive dashboard.  This information provides powerful insight to management regarding sales efforts and product interest. All IFD content and users are managed by the marketing team via a robust Content Management System. The IFD platform also allows for Desktop Notifications which keeps Aqua-Chem IFD users informed when there are important content updates. To learn more about the Interactive Flash Drive™, visit our affiliate Gigmark at