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04. 02. 2014

DMG Bluegill is proud to roll out the latest campaign for Sevier County Bank to collect battery donations for local firefighters. The 1+1=6 campaign recognizes that for every firefighter involved in combatting a fire, 6 AA batteries are required to power essential life-saving equipment, such as oxygen tanks and emergency alarm systems. 

03. 26. 2014
In the past few years, the world’s leading information source Google has been developing quite an ambitious project known as the Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph attempts to map the relationships between entities (authors, movies, celebrities, books, organizations, etc.) on the World Wide Web.
03. 17. 2014

It's nice when a plan comes together.

In a case of planets aligning, DMG Bluegill and Ackermann PR formed a strategic alliance this month. 

DMG Bluegill was formed last June when DMGx, a digital firm in its 20th year, acquired integrated communications, marketing, and branding firm, Bluegill Creative, then in its 8th year. 

02. 21. 2014
Ten years after its inception, Facebook is now more about avoiding overzealous family members than fostering Ivy League connections. The fact that so many businesses are obsessed with the idea of monetizing Facebook (or any social media site) can be a head scratcher, but the truth is that social media holds great value for businesses.
02. 21. 2014
This past weekend, marketing firms around the Knoxville area congregated over Budweisers and bowties to celebrate the the 49th annual Knoxville American Advertising Award Show. Informally known as the ADDYs, the gala awarded marketing communications in the Knoxville area over the past year. 
02. 12. 2014
Unless you’re still living in 1986 like this family, you’ve noticed content marketing is all the rage these days.
01. 29. 2014

Digital ads provide businesses with customer reach, leads, and sales.  If tagging didn’t exist, many companies would likely take a shotgun approach to buying ads—they would purchase as many as they could from various sources and hope to hit something (i.e., a customer).

01. 22. 2014

As part of DMG Bluegill’s commitment to constant improvement, we are implementing test-driven development into our software development process. Test-driven development, or TDD for short, flips the traditional model of software development on its head. Writing code under the TDD model creates stronger scripts and reduces bugs later on.